Regional Business council

concentrates the resources, expertise, and passion of St. Louis’ most respected business leaders on high-impact initiatives for the betterment of the St. Louis region.

Welcome from the RBC Chairman

The Regional Business Council is a unique organization. Representing 100 business leaders, member companies collectively employ more than 120,000 associates and generate more than $65 billion in annual revenue.

It is my great pleasure to serve as Chairman of the Regional Business Council. Individually, our members act as extraordinary leaders in their companies, their communities and in the region. However, it is only through coming together as a Council that our members’ voices are collectively amplified so that we can help the region achieve its highest potential.

The RBC is not a white paper organization, it’s an action-centered, collective force working to create a better, more livable region. As proud residents of the region, the Council’s committed members identify problems and seek hands-on, innovative solutions to meet the St. Louis region’s civic, business and philanthropic needs.

I know that there is important work to be done. As the RBC Chairman, I am committed to making sure our voices are heard and that the Council will continue to be a driving force for bettering the St. Louis region.

John P. Stupp, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Stupp Bros., Inc.
2017-2018 RBC Chairman

Letter from the President and CEO

We are 100 CEOs strong, employing over 120,000 people and generating over $65 billion in annual revenue. We work collaboratively, always focused on the outcomes. We address the issues that make a difference to our quality of life –from growing a diverse, talented workforce to providing great opportunities for all our children to advancing our transportation infrastructure.

The members of the Regional Business Council are passionate about this region – our home. We are committed and nimble, and thus can address current and emerging concerns on a timely basis. Everything we do focuses on results – outcomes that positively impact our community’s business, philanthropic and civic affairs. What we know to be true is that when we work together, we all win.

Kathy Osborn
President and CEO, St. Louis RBC

What We Do

RBC members have a collective voice on some of the region’s most pressing issues.
In 2018, we are focusing on five priority areas:

Education Reform

To invest in the economic future of our region by advancing opportunities for learning and academic excellence for every child in the region, especially disadvantaged youth.


Diversity and Inclusion

To develop and promote a globally diverse workforce and minority-friendly business community to ensure our region remains relevant and competitive in the 21st century.


Talent Development

To attract, retain, and develop talented young, diverse professionals in the St. Louis region by providing them with valuable opportunities for networking, professional development, and community involvement.


Public Policy

To work with elected and civic leaders for the advancement of public policies that drive economic growth, promote fiscal responsibility, advance regional infrastructure, support educational excellence and improve the quality of life in the region.


Quality of Life

To give back to the region through strategic community engagement to improve the health, prosperity and general quality of life in our area by investing in philanthropic and cultural institutions that make St. Louis strong.


Workforce Development

To support the region's workforce and talent pipeline by partnering with organizations to provide specialized training, skills development and business opportunities.