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In 2000, the Regional Business Council was launched with 50 mid-cap business executives, the first effort in the St. Louis region to bring together the leaders of mid-cap companies. In recent years, the St. Louis region’s business community has seen an increase in highly successful mid-cap companies that employ a large percentage of the region’s workforce. Thus, this coalition is essential to enhancing the well-being and vitality

of the region.

These companies, that are generous with their time and resources, include civic and philanthropic involvement as priorities within their companies. Brought together for the first time, these businesses can now leverage their corporate involvement and investment.

The collective effort of RBC members is dramatically expanding the breadth and depth of involvement and investment in the community. Realizing that it cannot lend its support to every worthy cause, the RBC is committed to putting its considerable talent, resources and determination behind business, civic and philanthropic priorities where RBC members can make a substantive contribution. 

Today the RBC is composed of 100 CEOs representing some of the region’s largest employers. These companies have a tremendous impact on the economic health of the region, employing over 120,000 people and generating over $65 billion in revenue annually. Most RBC companies are headquartered in the region and all have a vested interest in the development of the region’s 16 counties.


RBC members John Stupp, President of Stupp Bros. Inc, and John Tracy, CEO of Dot Foods


"The RBC is a very unique organization. It is highly uncommon that 100 business leaders of significant companies would collectively speak as one. I enjoy making a contribution to an organization that has great meaning to our region's future."

John Tracy


Dot Foods

Past RBC Chairman