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The Regional Business Council is a consortium of CEOs representing 100 of the region’s largest mid-cap companies.

To unite and engage members to act on high-impact business, civic, and philanthropic affairs for the betterment of the St. Louis region.

To engage a broad base of regional business leaders representing some of the region’s largest employers to orchestrate a unique transformation of the St. Louis business, civic and philanthropic community.

Founding Assumptions

  • The health of the region is a business issue.
  • Business can be a catalyst for civic transformation.
  • Partnerships are a key operating modality in the 21st century and, therefore, relationships and linkages with other business, civic, educational, and cultural organizations are important.
  • St. Louis can be a world-class community, combining a vibrant economy with a unique historical heritage.
  • St. Louis regionally based companies, in collaboration with other entities, are the logical entities to support this regional development.
  • The CEO of an organization is the prime catalyst for change within that organization.

Sally Roth, Area President, Regions Bank and Pat Whitaker, Chairman, Arcturis


"What the RBC has done

so effectively is to engage and commit our business leaders into making St. Louis a better place to live, conduct and attract business, and to raise our families."

John Capps

President, Suntrup Kia of West County