Quality of Life

Corporate involvement and investment is critical to improving the region’s health, prosperity and general quality of life. Our Quality of Life Initiatives allow the RBC’s positive efforts to resonate deeply throughout the St. Louis philanthropic community’s large-scale institutions, medium-sized organizations, and small, grass-roots efforts. We seek out strategic collaborations designed to improve effectiveness and maximize efficiency.  To this end, the RBC focuses on several key regional assets as conduits for member participation.

It’s Our Region Fund “Small Change Big Impact” Grant Program

The It’s Our Region Fund was started by RBC members Michael Staenberg, John Ferring and Sue McCollum. In 2012, the Small Change Big Impact Grant program was formed to provide funding for capital improvement projects for smaller nonprofits who are serving St. Louis’ neediest residents.

Learn more about the Small Change Big Impact Program

Social Venture Partners

Social Venture Partners provides capacity building grants to nonprofits that support educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Since 2001, SVP has given over $1.9 million in grants and in-kind services and more than 15,000 hours of volunteer time to build capacity in 24 nonprofit organizations.

Partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include foundations, high-net-worth individuals, small-business owners, and senior executives from many area businesses. Partners contribute $5,000 annually and have an equal voice in selecting investments. The business expertise of the partners, in addition to the funding, helps to strengthen the business operations of nonprofits.

Learn more about St. Louis Social Venture Partners

United Way

The RBC supports the United Way of Greater St. Louis as a cost-effective and efficient way to support more than 170 nonprofit organizations helping over one million people across the region. Since 2001, the RBC has raised more than $150 million in contributions for the United Way.

In addition, the RBC started a Matching Gift Program to help women and people of color from RBC companies step up to the Leadership Giving level.


The RBC, Staenberg Foundation and Cultivation Capital are founding partners of Givable, an online micro-giving platform. Subscribers receive an email Monday through Friday prompting them to give 25¢ to one of two featured local nonprofit agencies working to solve issues facing our city. The platform aims to engage a new sector of givers from the entrepreneurial community.

Other Initiatives

The RBC takes on short-term initiatives to ensure St. Louis has amenities that will improve quality of life for residents and attract businesses and talent to the region. Significant projects include the preservation of Forest Park, lighting for downtown St. Louis, supporting the development of the Arch, and promoting sports and recreation.