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Become a Partner

SVP Partners come from many different professional and community backgrounds. Partners:

  • Learn about our community’s specific needs and which organizations address them
  • Use their expertise and resources to benefit the St. Louis community in an effective and targeted way
  • Leverage their financial contributions with others’ to maximize impact
  • Connect with others in the St. Louis community and across the globe through the SVPI network
  • Develop and enhance their personal philanthropic philosophy

To join SVP, each Partner commits to a minimum annual contribution of $5,000 and is open to contributing his/her time to either the SVP program or the non-profit relationships.

To inquire about becoming a Partner please call Chelsea at 314.225.2104.


Partner Engagement – How to Get Involved

Partners can scale their level of involvement from money-only to time-based projects to ongoing commitments. There are five key areas of Partner engagement:

  • Grant Committee – participating in selecting the non-profits to receive funding
  • Volunteer Teams – working directly with the non-profit on a specific project or becoming the SVP liaison for that organization
  • Management Team - building and managing St. Louis SVP’s internal infrastructure through communications, Partner relations or recruiting efforts
  • Education Team - conducting Investee education workshops on issues facing most non-profits (grant writing, marketing, board development, etc.) or hosting Partner education events on current philanthropic issues
  • Full Partner Meetings – coming together twice a year for business purposes


SVP Partners John Lamping and John Fort work with Shanise Johnson, Executive Director of the St. Louis Internship Program on strategic planning.