Public Policy

The general well-being of the region is fundamental to the business environment and the RBC understands that fostering positive relationships with elected and civic leaders is vital to the advancement of public policies that drive economic growth and improve the quality of life in the region. While we do not commit to or engage in any fundraising activities for elected officials, we do occasionally support ballot initiatives that complement regional growth.

Our major areas of focus include:

Aviation: Support Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s efforts to increase domestic nonstop traffic, decrease costs, and increase customer service and experience

Regional Collaborations: Facilitate collaborations between city and county agencies, specifically around economic development and governmental efficiencies, providing a unified plan for the region’s growth

Area Alliances: Support the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and other regional efforts, especially with regard to safety, economic and workforce development

Illinois Outreach: Support the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois and Scott Air Force Base to ensure the economic growth of the Metro East region

Infrastructure: Back efforts to develop a comprehensive plan and funding for infrastructure in Missouri and Illinois

Economic Development: Work with organizations such as the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the Hawthorn Foundation to grow jobs in the region

Education Reform: Advocate for public policy that supports comprehensive education reform to ensure that our children are prepared to enter the workforce

Public Safety: Work with elected and public safety officials to reduce crime, improve safety, and provide needed support and improvement to law enforcement for neighborhood stabilization.