Social Venture Partners


St. Louis Social Venture Partners is a philanthropic program of the Regional Business Council that complements the RBC’s business, civic and philanthropic mission by providing financial and hands-on resources to build long-term sustainability in selected nonprofits. The St. Louis SVP’s partnership with the RBC makes it unique among the SVP network and has become a model for new cities considering starting their own Social Venture Partners program. Learn more about SVP history and capacity building.

St. Louis SVP supports nonprofit organizations that provide educational programs for disadvantaged youth. No other program in the St. Louis region provides an opportunity for contributors to directly engage with funded organizations to improve their long-term capacity. SVP has an annual grant cycle based on nominations from partners and RBC members and looks to support one or two new organizations each year.

Just as a venture capitalist invests money and valuable expertise in building a new organization’s infrastructure, SVP Partners use their business skills, time and money toward improving the long-term sustainability of local nonprofits. This mix of money and volunteer service results in a stronger nonprofit that can then better serve its clients and achieve its mission.

Since 2001, SVP has given more than $1.9 million in grants and in-kind support as well as over 16,000 hours of volunteer and staff time to 29 area nonprofits. View current list of nonprofits supported by St. Louis SVP or see a complete List of past SVP Investees.

In addition to building capacity in select nonprofits, SVP also educates partners on effective philanthropy. Education events feature local, national and international philanthropists and civic leaders.

Learn how you can become a Partner and ways to get involved with St. Louis Social Venture Partners.

St. Louis Social Venture Partner companies and organizations are shown below.

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