Workforce Development

A region can only be as strong as its workforce pipeline. To address the gaps in the talent pipeline that exist in the trades, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and construction fields, the RBC created the Workforce Development initiative. The initiative is dedicated to supporting and partnering with organizations that provide both technical and soft skills to individuals who are interested in pursuing careers that require specialized training.

Show Me Careers Educator Experience

This initiative focuses on:

  • Preparing high school students and young adults by equipping them with the foundational, life, work and job skills they will need to be successful after graduation
  • Promoting an understanding about the opportunities that exist within specialized career fields that don’t require a traditional four-year degree
  • Supporting post-secondary specialized training programs that align their curriculum with business and industry needs
  • Working with regional leaders to create clear pathways for students to pursue vocational and technical training opportunities while in high school
  • Embracing and fostering innovation in the region to create new business opportunities.

RBC Workforce Development in action

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